Alabama Tube — A Division of Alfiniti, Inc.

Alabama Tube Corporation was established in May 2002 in Fort Payne, Alabama by Marco International, a New York-based investment and non-ferrous metal trading group. The strategic location was chosen due to its proximity to major transportation routes and the availability of a skilled and motivated workforce. After the closure of Scottsboro Aluminum, Alabama Tube recruited top talent to swiftly begin production.

Alabama Tube specializes in welded aluminum tubing, offering a robust alternative to drawn and extruded tubes. Our welding process begins with rolling a sheet of aluminum into a coil and welding the edges with precision, ensuring consistent wall thickness and greater strength at lower gauges. This tubing is utilized in various applications, including outdoor furniture, healthcare equipment, household fixtures, and athletic accessories.

In April 2024, Alabama Tube was acquired by Alfiniti, Inc., North America’s largest manufacturer and supplier of drawn aluminum tube. This acquisition enhances Alfiniti’s product offerings and reinforces its commitment to U.S. manufacturing, allowing it to provide a comprehensive range of aluminum tube solutions.

Our Mission

At Alabama Tube, we strive to be the best in the industry with the highest quality , best on time delivery and customer satisfaction. With 115+ years in combined experience with our management team and then add in a few of our hourly employees at 58+ years’ experience in welded tube, we have the best team possible to serve our customers


Randy Pecaut

Plant Manager

Randy was instrumental with the start up of ATC, overseeing the planning and installation of the equipment as well as training and the startup. Randy also brings over 40 years’ experience in the welded aluminum tube industry.

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(256) 638-9455

BRandy Pecaut

Vice President, Purchasing & Logistics & Customer Service

Brandy started as a production worker and worked in several different positions before being selected for a data entry position. Brandy has advanced and is now VP of Purchasing and Logistics. Brandy has 20 years in the welded aluminum tube industry.

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(256) 638-9455