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Thank you very much for the interest you’ve shown in our product.  We at Alabama Tube Corporation (ATC) take great pride in producing the highest quality welded aluminum tube in the industry.  Please allow us this opportunity to introduce ATC to you in greater detail.

Alabama Tube Corporation was formed by Marco International, a New York based investment and non-ferrous metal trading group. It was formally established in May of 2002 in Fort Payne, Alabama.  In addition to its proximity to major transportation routes, the location was chosen due to the availability of a well-trained and highly motivated management and workforce.  When Scottsboro Aluminum, the largest supplier of welded aluminum tubes in the United States, closed its doors in 2002, ATC recruited Scottsboro’s best and brightest to become the backbone of its knowledgeable and experienced workforce.  This allowed the corporation to begin producing and shipping tube in a mere three months time.

In addition to filling a void left in the welded aluminum tube market after the collapse of Scottsboro Aluminum, ATC was there to provide aluminum tube customers with an alternative to drawn and extruded tube, which can sometimes create imperfections in wall thickness. Instead of heating and pressing the metal through a dye (as in extrusion), the welded tubing process begins with a sheet of aluminum that is rolled into a cylinder. The edges are then welded together with precision and accuracy. The process can offer greater strength at lower gauges.

Because of its obvious advantages, welded aluminum tube has a wide variety of applications.  It is utilized in many ways, such as outdoor furniture, healthcare equipment, household fixtures and athletic accessories.  In consideration of its weight advantage, our tubing has also found its way into applications that were traditionally using steel tube.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call or e-mail us at any time.

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  • Replaces Steel Tubing Usage